Every Painting has a Story

PHILOMATH, Oregon – Picasso once said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” If he were alive today he would keep a website.

The idea of ‘diary-keeping’ is one reason I have created this site.  Every painting has a story.  They remind me of the times, places, people, thoughts and emotions I experienced when the pictures were created.

I have played the piano since 1960 and through the years I have learned to play and love different genres of music. I love various styles of playing, depending on my frame of mind or mood.

I approach painting the same way.  I love perusing great art museums where I am inspired by amazing masters.  I love to pour over my numerous illustrated books about the life and works of about 100 artists.  These artists continue to influence my style prompting me to try new things. Hence, my paintings do not all feel the same.  I like that.

Most of the paintings displayed here are for sale.  But many already live in their new private collections in Europe and the US.  I include them because they are still important to me, and they trace my journey as a painter. Kind of like a diary.