Don’t Look Too Fast

Good Advice for All Artists

By Charles David Kelley

PHILOMATH, Oregon – When Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin lived together in the south of France they had many arguments. It is said that in one of the arguments Vincent told Paul that his paintings are too flat. Gauguin responded, “You paint too fast.” Van Gogh was furious and shouted, “You look too fast.”

I think that most people look at great art too fast and thereby miss important and profound insights communicated by great artists. I love the background stories about specific pieces by thoughtful artists. I have learned so much. A couple of weeks ago I posted on Facebook a few words about Rembrandt’s painting of the Bible and the depth of his understanding of its unique nature and power.

I want to explore more stories about more amazing paintings. I have decided to blog and post about these from time to time. I will call these posts, “Don’t look too fast.”

I hope you will take a look…but not too fast!