12 Reasons to Buy

CAMBRIDGE, England – Welcome to my world of vibrant paintings of land, cities, and skylines.  I am glad you have chosen to visit me.  As you look through these pages I invite you to imagine how some of these works may look in your home or office.  It could well be that one of my creations can add beauty and joy to your life.

In Europe, most families enjoy original art.  But in the USA the masses are far too satisfied with copies. I used to share that satisfaction…or I settled for it. Here are but a dozen reasons why I believe every home and office would greatly benefit from hand-made, one-of-a kind art.

    1. Everyone needs beauty.  When surrounded with beauty our lives flourish. When we offer beauty to those we love we communicate to the deep recesses of their hearts.
    2. Every space needs to be interesting. Your home or office reflects your personality and values. If cluttered with this, that and everything, they betray your lack order. If blank, your walls scream “boring”.  But if adorned with attention-grabbing vibrancy, people stop in their tracks.
    3. Important rooms beg for life. I suppose one can live with the bland…neutral sofas, carpet and walls. Yet splashes of the vivacious color transform sterility into vitality. This same vitality prompts spontaneous conversations. The subjects talked about have no bounds.
    4. Fine art inspires us to see the world differently. We can get into the heads of artists and imagine what they were thinking when creating. Or we can make up our own stories that live in the boundaries of the pictures. We can tell these stories to our children and grandchildren.
    5. “Happy walls make happy people.” So declare gallery owners, Lisa Diamond Katz and Shira Wood. Good paintings not only cheer walls, but render entire rooms cheerier. When this ensues, you will deliberately choose to spend more discretionary time there.
    6. For many businesses, schools and churches, conference rooms appointed smartly with imaginative art provide the perfect context for serious meetings leading to impressive results.
    7. Expressive paintings in your office can really humanize the space. Such art gives it character and warmth, transforming this space into a relational environment. Good for business. 
    8. The center of human warmth in many abodes is the kitchen. That which adorns these walls can greatly contribute to this intimacy. 
    9. Perhaps no room in the home calls louder for original beauty than our bed rooms. The right art enhances the importance of rest and closeness.
    10. Families come together for meals, conversation and laughter in dining rooms.  Shouldn’t our art contribute to these positive things? Art can inspire meaningful thought and dialogue as adults and children alike engage in conversations deeper than the daily mundane. 
    11. Hanging pleasant prints is a good start, but they lack the ring of authenticity. Originals always trump copies. Handmade anything beats mass-produced any time. This needn’t continue for vibrant paintings are available.
    12. I don’t think investment should be the main incentive for buying original art, but it doesn’t hurt when a piece purchased ten years ago has doubled or tripled in value. What a nice bonus in the art of art collecting!

I welcome you to my world of vibrant paintings.  Have fun perusing. 

Many paintings shown here have sold, yet many are still available…at reasonable prices. The painting above is: Expression Dallas by Charles David Kelley, © 2018

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