Charles David Kelley
My Journey as a Latvian-American Painter
    Picasso once said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” I can imagine that if he were alive today he would keep a website.
    This idea of ‘diary-keeping’ is the closest reason I have for creating this site. The images remind me of times, places, people, thoughts and emotions I experienced when the pictures were created.
    I love to paint and I love sharing what I love.
    Some are surprised to see I have several painting styles. This is probably because, though I have made more than 300 paintings, I consider myself a learner on a journey. I started to paint six years ago when I turned 50.
    I’m always trying new things. I’m a positive person and I appreciate a great variety of musical, literary and artistic styles. I approach playing the piano the same way. I love various genres and I have several styles of playing, depending on my frame of mind or mood.
    Most of the paintings listed here are for sale. Many others are in private collections in Europe and the US.  
    I am not a commercial artist. I paint because I love painting, not for the purpose of selling. In fact, it is not easy for me to sell a painting, especially if a wonderful memory is associated with its creation. But I must get over that nostalgia and sell any way. So, when people want to buy, and if I can part with a given piece, I am willing to sell. 

    My miniature schnauzer, Chica, was a wonderful little friend.  It was great fun painting her portrait. You may ask if she sat still for the portrait. ‘Yes’ ... just long enough for me to take her photo. 
    I call this “The Essence of Chia”. She was always begging for food. Though Chica is no longer with us, I enjoy her portrait...and her memory whenever I’m home.
Painting is my journey to experience and share some of my core values...creativity, beauty and peace.
10 x 8 inches
20.3 x 25.4 cm
Fragment of a larger painting
‘Fauve Chuck’
A portrait of myself by my fellow artist, Jake Dorr
This self portrait is a fragment from a larger 2006 painting of a 1986 photo of my 4 year old son, Phillip, and me stacking firewood. This used to be a favorite activity for both of us.

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A film of how this special painting was created.
‘Colorful Life’
Photo Essay of the
Opening Reception of Chuck’s Art Exhibition in Riga, Latvia, Feb 2012.Colorful_Life.htmlColorful_Life.html
‘Thank you, Thom’
What I wish I could say to Thomas Kinkade today. A tribute to my friend. %22Out_of_My_Mind%22_-_My_Art_Blog/Entries/2012/5/5_Thank_you,_Thom.html