Charles David Kelley
My Journey as a Latvian-American Painter
     There’s something magnetic about great European cities that calls the artist within me to come and paint...and paint...and paint.  I have an insane goal. would love do several paintings each of 50 great European cities.  That’s a pretty lofty goal, but why not?  So far I have managed to paint a variety of renderings of Riga, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Lucerne, Paris, Lausanne, Florence, Venice, Naples and Gdansk. My future list includes Dublin, Budapest, Prague, Helsinki, Barcelona, Rome, Zurich, Tallinn, Vilnius, Vienna and Athens. Why should I limited myself to these cities?
    All of these paintings are for sale, listed most expensive to least expensive.
Great European cities

Last updated - October 30, 2012